Who am i?

(Some where in Kharkiv region)

Its some kind of questions that i don't understands.

My name is Dmitry currently working hard in

Ukraine, Kharkiv.

I have the knowledge and the secrets of enlightened frontend ninjas.

Programming since 12.


Love to ride a bike. I can do it hours, snow, wind or rain no matter where.
- Max distance : 100km+ (plus minus few km, no matter if you can ride a 90+ you can ride more). - Bike: Bergamont Vitox Custom Full Deore (525, 6xx, HG, Tyres - schwalbe smart sam plus) weight around 12.5 kg.

(Wtf where i am ?)

09/04/16: Also in club 100 km+ on a bike in a day.


Building projects with babel 6 when no one knew how. Actively explore new technologies and patterns.

I am testing the code but not always. Think that programming is an art.

Sometimes make a photos. Just for me.

PS : Since i developing almost 7 years in da web.

What i think about IE6+ era

(There is no translation for this)

And thanks for reading, see you on the road ;)